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  When the holiday came ,i realised  that i should  read a novel from the first page to the last page  with full concentration which i had never did before.I remembered  what I ought to do is cover a book review about A farewell to Arms and searched some materials and blocked before the desk    stuggling to catch another brainstorm for a whole night,probably this is what i was doing now if it did not make me sick when imagining that.So i chose this book for one reason i would certainly write something  about A farewell to Arms because of the courses i chose last term,and for another more important reason,i felt a strange but stronge feelings growing inside, calling me up to read it like eagerly visiting an old friend or happily welcoming a traveler to my world.

  Maybe,the reason is,i think,it is a book describing a

  teenger and his world .I prefer the teenger and his world to the word youth,though commenly they are the same. Youth is not a time of life ,it is a state of mind.It is the rising sun ,the burning fire,the smiling sunflower as philosophers and  poets  often

  praise.Obviously Holden Caufield,the hero is not in that kind of  living state.Born in a rich family,he was not a so-called good kid .He was  being expelled from the school  Pencey Prep in Agerstown, Pennsylvania for his poor academic performance again But he seemed to already used to it and did not feel ashamed.Only coming to the thought of going home to face his fault maked him scared.So he decided to put off  the day by hanging on the way until he must face it. At the first sight,we must think of him a bad  rebellious kid.We can always hear some dirty words from him like"damn"and he encountered with a young prostitute when staying at the hotel,and his mind was flocked with many unrealistic thoughts.All this in China can be very serious.But we should see through his naive deeds and then we can discover he has a very kind ,clean,dreamy and easy-broken heart.His dirty words only expresses his dissatisfaction towards this adult-controled world and his lost of directions when running in the rhy.He asked for a young prostitute to try sex but actually just talked but paied her equally.Maybe he just wanted to escape when he asked his

  girlfriend to go west and when he wanted to go alone afterwards.I must say this boy has a very sentimental heart touching further and deeper to the world carefully.I suppose his sentiment makes him so different and confused.Not all people are sentimental enough to reflect the world and himself.I do not kown whether it is good or not.People always tells teengers whether it is good or not as if  they know it.They always do.

  Maybe his unique feelings,his lost,his pureness,his wakeness and capacity of observation make his dream:the catcher in the rhy.I do not know exactly what it means.Maybe he just want his dead brother coming back and cycling with him again .

  I have a friend who is very much alike  Holden Caufield.He often got high remarks in senior school and was popular among the students and teachers.When he was getting older ,maybe he started thinking as a individual or he got tired of the arranged life.He got stuck in some confusion about his life.All things seemed to be meaningless to him and all the value should be pulled down and rebuilt.He went to Internet cafe to play games and thus missed many classes.He spent a lot of money buying his girl friend a telephone to get connected with her in class when his family is in great need of money.His parents spoiled him so much  that they seldom criticized him.Until one day,his girlfriend want him to stay with her for one night . Certainly his parents did not agree.When the class was over and he stepped out of the school gate ,he immediately saw his father standing at a long distance,waiting for him.The first reaction of him was to run and there was only one voice echoing in his mind,"she is waiting me,she is waiting for me……"He run and run though the crowded students but finally his father caught him."BACK"his father shouted.but he was just so stubborn that his fatherhad to make a compromise with him"YOU CAN TAKE HER HOME"When finally he and his girlfriend got home,his mother just let them went into his bedroom.No expected storm pooured to him, like nothing happennig.But after a while the door opened and his father holding his faint mother stepped out.'"where are you…""HOSPITAL""I go with you"'NO…'At that moment,he could only see one thing,disappointment in his father's black eyes.He and his girl friend laid on the bed.only them two,laid……After a long time ,,he said his mother is the best mother in the world.He left that girl and made up the missed lessons.He could not forget his father's eyes that night forever …

  I do not know why i think of this story when writing this book review.Maybe because the two heros are both different teengers.Or maybeonly when we just have experienced something can we know what we should turely treasure.


  Impression of a book of " persons who keep watch in the wheat field "

  Went to the bookstore that day, I chose a very thin book from a lot of world masterpieces, name let " wheat persons who keep watch of field ", when I pick up this book, I have not expected that such a thin book will have a so great impact on me, making my thoughts and feelings very deep, I think that the form and content of this book are all very outstanding.

  The fifties in U.S.A. were a quite confused period, the dark cloud of World War II has not left yet, the smoke of gunpowder of cold war arises again. On one hand the development in science and technology is fast, and on the other hand, people lack the ideal, demoralized, under the great social background unable to change in oneself, live and mix shocking and shocking life. Then, " a generation of collapsing " appears , Halton is a member among them , he smokes and gets drunk, not to strive to make progress, but, he is still unlikely to reduce to taking drug, gregarious stage, because in his bottom of heart , still have a beautiful and remote ideal all the time ---Do a " person who keeps watch in the wheat field ".

  A country here of our life, this era is during the enormous change, everything is in the development with rapid change. In a sense, this is and really a bit alike in U.S.A. of the fifties. The society is progressing constantly, people's concept is changing too, a lot of people begin to be vast and hazy, downhearted, they get to forget one's own ideal, do not have the first enthusiasm, begin to yearn for being mediocre.

  We are a group of children living in new era, it is puzzled and worried to be already been used to naturally , but we should concentrate spirit and are certain about the front of we , our way , we should whether one have lofty ideals ambitious people. If Halton does not have his pure ideal, then he will degenerate through to the end , it is his ideal that lets him live. The ideal is the people' s beacon light, it is leading people to move towards future, move towards the light. Our life has just begun, even if life makes us some of this generation perplexed with knowing which way to go, but everything is just temporary, does not know the past , we needed most now, it is our ideal.

  Yes, it is hopeful to have lofty ideals , will just tomorrow hope, will be more beautiful tomorrow!

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